CFA Board of Directors is comprised of fitness operators of all sizes who set the strategic direction and carry out the overall mission day-to-day. Our team is committed to supporting fitness professionals through access to resources, education and career development.


Board of Directors

 Francesca Schuler  Angel Banos  Gina Baski  Cory Brightwell
Francesca Schuler Angel Baños  Gina Baski Cory Brightwell
 CFA President Gold’s Gym SoCal TriFit LA Chuze Fitness

Former CEO of In-Shape

President/CEO Owner CEO
 Don Dickerson  Razi Hasni  Randy Karr  Bob Rodger
 Don Dickerson  Razi Hasni  Randy Karr  Bob Rodger
 FITNESS SF  Joya Yoga  California Family Fitness  ENDO Fitness
 Vice President  CEO  President  President (Fitness 19 Franchisee)
   Mark Thomas  Shannon Wapole  
   Marc Thomas  Shannon Wapole  
   Aspyr (Orange Theory Franchisee)  24 Hour Fitness  
   Co-CEO  Sr. Counsel, Employment  



Meet The Team

Francesca Schuler Jenna Troy Macfarland
Francesca Schuler Jenna Lucas Troy Macfarland
President Marketing & Project Manager Marketing Director



CFA Partner Council

 Mike Escobedo  Justin Saunders  Amy Boone Thompson  Tom Lapevic
Mike Escobedo Justin Saunders Amy Boone Thompson Tom Lapevic
 Chief Customer Officer Regional Head of Fitness Partnerships Owner & CEO Executive Chairman

ABC Fitness Solutions

GymPass IDEA Health & Fitness Association ROR Partners Inc.
   Graham Melstrand  Rich Fonbuena  
  Graham Melstrand Rich Fonbuena  
  EVP, Mission and Innovation Territory Sales Manager - NW/Hawaii  
  American Council on Exercise Matrix